Including an 'Opt Out' in Your Broadcast Message

Updated by Tech Support

The SMS Broadcast service has a free to use 'opt out' mechanism that you can include in your broadcast message.

To do this, simply include any of the following phrases:

No More SMS txt END to 07458122999

No More SMS txt STOP to 07458122999

To Opt Out txt END to 07458122999

To Opt Out txt STOP to 07458122999

Customers who opt out will have their mobile number placed in the Blacklist of the account that last sent them a message. Once a mobile number is in the blacklist you will not been able to broadcast to them again from your account, even by accident.

Note; though that the blacklist/opt out works at Client ID level so if you have a Master Account with multiple Sub Accounts (client id's) the mobile number will only be in the blacklist of the last account that sent a message to the mobile number.

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