How to re-name an Active iPBX user extension

Updated by Tech Support

Another common request our Support Desk team gets is to change the name of an Active iPBX user extension

This is a very simple change to make if you have access to the management portal. If you don't have access to the portal your company's phone system administrator should be able to help. (If not show them this guide.)

The URL for the Active iPBX management portal is:

Select the User you wish to Edit.

Select Profile

Under User Details select Modify.

Enter the New First Name and Last Name and press submit.

The system will now update with your new details. This can can several moments.

Once the system has updated, under User Licensing select Modify

Select Continue until you reach Page 3.

Enter the revised First Name and Last Name.

Then press Continue until you reach page 4.

Now press Save.

The system will now update, and this will take several moments.

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