How to Create Call Pick up Groups

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Adding a Pickup Group

Log in to the Active iPBX Business Portal.

Then select the Site in which you wish to add the Pickup Group

We will select the Wadebridge site for this demo.

Then select Features.

Then click Features and scroll down to Call Groups Select Pickup Groups

Select Pickup Groups

Click Add Group

Name the group- we will call this Demo

Then select from the drop down list the Users/extensions that need to be members of the Hunt Group

Now press Save.

To remove a specific user Click the minus sign next to the user.

To remove all users select Clear Users

Please note that a user can only appear in one Pick Up Group at a time

Programming the Handset.

The next stage is to programme the Handset.

Log into the Active iPBX Portal.

Select Devices

Click on the handset as highlighted,

Click on Function Keys

Click on the next Empty Key

Select Speed Dial

In label type Pickup Group

For the number enter *98.

The next stage is to reboot the device.

From the Actions Drop Down menu select Reboot Device.

After the reboot has completed, which usually takes a couple of minutes, the changes will be saved on the Handset.

To use the group pick press the soft key on the handset to answer a collegues handset.

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