Payment Gateway Test Card Numbers

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To use the test gateway for training or testing, a test card number must be used.

(Please note, that when testing an ActivePay telephone payment solution in a live situation, any valid payment card can be used.)

The following test/dummy card numbers will be accepted by the system:

Card Type

Dummy Card Number


5100 0800 0000 0000


4917 6100 0000 0000


6759 6498 2643 8453

American Express

3700 0020 0000 000

To test the various gateway responses, the transaction value can be used to determine how the test gateway responds.

The £ element of the value defines the delay taken for the gateway to respond. This replicates the various delays expected when communicating with remote systems:

Value £'s



1 second


2 seconds


3 seconds


1 minute


2 minutes

The pence element of the transaction value defines whether the transaction is authorised:

Value pence

Transaction Status

0p to 9p


10p to 19p


20p to 29p

Failed Validation

30p to 39p

General Error

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