Direct Destinations

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Direct Destinations

In many cases users of the Payment Phone are part of a hunt-group accepting calls via the Teleproject Hosted PBX Solution, or similar solution we provide.

Additionally it maybe useful to provide a direct line number for some, or all of your users, allowing them to receive calls directly from some customers or other organisations.

This can be facilitated by using the Inbound Number functionality within the Destination Manager. Navigate to Call Handling > Destination Manager > Inbound Numbers

Each inbound number can be allocated to a single Destination, if you need additional numbers then either contact our Support Desk or you can request new numbers directly on the area code required via our self service solution

Routing Options

The Direct Destination service has been kept purposely straightforward with only the bare minimum of options required to complete the setup for each user.

Select the destination you to deliver the calls to

And the options will be populated from the user details

Working hours and Special Dates are configured for all users using global settings available in Global Settings

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