RNP Common Settings

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Active Inbound from Teleproject UK RNP Common Settings, enables you to set global settings which can be used on all RNP Services, namely:

  • Virtual Reception
  • One-2-Many
  • One-2-Group
  • One-2-One
  • Queuing
  • Outbound Recording

Login in to your Active inbound Account.

Select Call Handling

Then select RNP Common Settings.

Email Groups

We will now configure Email Groups.

Email Groups provides an easy way to sent emails to multiple people at the same time. Examples of usage are Missed Call Alerts, Voicemails, and Automated Call Reports.

Select Email Groups

Name your email group, and enter an email address.

Click Add New

Then repeat the process until all recipients are added.

You can now use the email group across all RNP services.

Mid Call Transfer

Mid Call Transfer enables inbound calls to be transferred to a pre-programmed external destination. This feature works with all RNP services, namely One-2-One, One-2-Many and One-2-Group.

Firstly you will need to setup short codes for your Transfer destinations.

Go to Call Handling and select RNP Common Settings

Now Select Mid-Call Transfers.

Click on Add Transfer Destination

Enter the destination Description and Destination.

Press save.

Repeat the process until all your destinations are added.

To remove a destination click Manage next to a destination and select delete.

To use Mid Call Transfer Press #[Speed Dial Number]# (i.e. #101#) when you are on an Active Inbound call.

The call will then transfer to the destination setup above.

Please note that all transfers are blind, which means that transferred calls are automatically diverted to the destination without announcement.

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