Call Queue - Call Distribution Options

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Call Centre Call Distribution Methods.

Active iPBX from Teleproject UK provides the option for queuing inbound calls

Note: Call Centres are often referred to as Call Queues, they are the same thing!

When an administrator creates a Call Centre they assign agents to form an ordered list.

The order in which calls are distributed to call centre agents depends on which Call Distribution Method the administrator opts for from the following:


The call goes through the agents in the order that they appear on the list until it finds an agent who’s free. (or it reaches the end of the list without any joy).


The first person that the call tries to connect with is the next member on the list after the member who answered the previous call.  So the calls hunt in a circle, eventually getting back to the first person on the list.

Here’s an example:

You’ve have four agents in your Call Centre, in this order on the list: Andy, Mike, Chris, and Lisa

When the first call comes in, Andy answers it. The next call comes in, and Andy and Mike are both free. But instead of the call going to Andy, it goes to Mike because Andy answered it last time. The third call goes to Chris first but he’s busy so it goes to Lisa. After that, the next call tries Andy first as we’re back at the start of the list.


Calls go first to the agent who has been available for the longest time.


The call rings all available Call Centre agents at the same time. It connects to the first person to answer. If a call comes through when everyone in the Call Centre is already on a call, the new caller will go in to the Call Centre queue until an agent becomes available.


The administrator can assign different ‘weights’ to the agents in the Call Centre using the Active iPBX management portal so that people with higher weights take more calls. When a call comes in it will search for an available agent starting with those with the greatest weight.

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