SMS Desk - System Alerts

Updated by Tech Support

You can configure the SMS Desk System Alerts feature by click on the System Settings tab.


There are two types of Alerts each of which can be sent via text message and or email.


Alert 1. Will send a message to you if a new message/request arrives in the Pending Screen of SMS Desk and is not marked as Assigned within 10 minutes.


Alert 2. Will send a message to you if a message/request that has been marked as assigned has not been marked as complete by the Priority time i.e. 1hr, 3hrs or by 6pm.


Note, though that the system will only send one alert per hour so as not to bombard you with alerts. Also the system is programmed not to send alerts after 9pm.

In all cases it is better if the SMS Desk service is open on a PC/Tablet and manned by an operator during the hours the service is set to be open. The alerts are intended to assist during periods when this is not possible.

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