UK & International Virtual Numbers

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The team at Teleproject UK are specialist providers of Virtual Business Phone Number services. We offer the full range of Virtual Geographic (01/02) and Non Geographic (08/03) telephone numbers including International phone numbers. All calls are routed through our IVR platform to give you access to our portfolio of Intelligent Call Handling features.

UK Number Ranges


Tariff & Notes


Freephone: the cost to the consumer is free from landlines and mobiles. The cost of a freephone call is passed to the owner of the number. An additional surcharge is included when the number is called from a mobile.

01 / 02

Geographic or area call numbers: available for all 776 areas in the UK.


Mobile numbers which can be configured to receive SMS and calls.


UK-wide non-geographic numbers: calls should cost no more than calls to geographic numbers. The cost of the call is passed to the owner of the number.


Non-geographic numbers with a small revenue share (depending on the tariff) to cover the cost of the calling handling: these may carry access charges applied by mobile networks. They may also be subject to some regulations which stipulate when these numbers can and cannot be used.


Premium Rate: high tariff and cost numbers used primarily in the entertainment industry.


Directory Enquiry numbers

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