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How do I set up, access and manage voicemail?

Active iPBX from Teleproject UK uses the BT 1571 voicemail system so you may find aspects of the service familiar.

You can configure your voicemail setting by either dialling 1571 on your IP device and follow the prompts or by logging into the Management Business portal (see ‘How do I set up my voicemail via the Management Portal’ section below).

Your incoming calls will divert to voicemail if you're busy, if there's no answer from your extension, or if you've set up Call Forwarding No-Answer or Do Not Disturb on your system.

If you can't take the call, your caller will hear-

  • A standard greeting message, or
  • A personal greeting, which you can record (download 'Broadsoft Recorder' from either Apple or Android app store)

You can set all calls to divert to voicemail; you can choose just to send calls to voicemail when you're on the phone; and you can set all calls to divert when you're out or don't answer.

The person leaving you a message can review the message, record it again, or deposit it in your mailbox.

Storing messages

The message is stored as an MP3 file which can be automatically sent to yourself (or whoever you choose) on an email whenever you get a new voice message. You can listen to the MP3 files in these email messages using standard PC audio software (you can also save or forward them).

Your mailbox can store up to 120 messages. Saved messages will be automatically deleted after 30 days. And new messages which haven't been listened to will automatically be deleted after six months.

Retrieving messages

You'll know when you've got a new message because you'll see a ‘message waiting’ indicator on your IP device or you will receive an email notification if you have set this up with the Cloud Voice Business portal.You can retrieve voicemail messages using your IP device, just dial 1571 and follow the prompts, or by clicking on the file in your email notification or using the Cloud Voice Business Portal.

You can also access messages remotely using your PIN. Dial the number on which voicemail is installed and, when voicemail answers, press * to break into the greeting and follow this with your PIN. The system will then transfer to the message retrieval part of the dialogue and proceed as normal.

How do I set up my voicemail using the Cloud Voice Business Portal?

  1. Login to the Management Portal
  2. Select ‘Employee’ menu and the relevant user (you will only see the select an employee section if you are an administrator)
  3. Select ’Features
  4. Select ‘Messaging’
  5. Select ‘Voicemail’  
  6. Click the ‘Configure’ button
  7. Check ‘Turn On Voicemail’ 
  8. Click ‘Save
What other options do I have at my disposal?

Within the ‘Configure’ option, you can:

  • Choose how and when to direct your calls to voicemail
  • Choose your greeting message (system or personal)
  • Configure an email address or addresses to send the recording to
  • Set up Auto Delete (If mailbox is full and a new message is left it will auto-delete the oldest message)

Email voicemails only

If you want to send all your messages to an email address without being able to listen to the message from your phone, check ‘Email voicemails only ‘enter your email address and press Save

If you do this, we won't store your messages anywhere except on your email. They will not appear on your desk phone or softphone.

This is useful when you regularly get loads of messages, causing your mailbox to fill up very quickly, or if you're out of the office most of the time.

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