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Hi New Customer,

Your Active iPBX service has been updated. Please keep this email safe and secure for your reference; it contains information on how to access and use your service.

Your Phone Number is +44-1438-XXX-123 and your extension number is 123.

Your main device is a Yealink T48S VDM with the following unique MAC address of 805XX0064XXX.

Getting Started

Don't forget, to get the most out of your service, please use the Feature Management portal (Business Portal) which enables you to make changes to your service at the touch of a button. Simply login to the Business Portal using the following credentials:


Username: urnXXXXXX

Domain: companyname.activeipbx

Password: Already in your possession

Voicemail (1571)

Your Line rental package includes Voicemail. You can access this by selecting the Messages button on your phone device where available, or by dialling the feature access code listed below.

Feature Code: 1571

Once logged in, simply follow the audio prompts to create your personal greeting and set-up a secure pin to prevent unauthorized access to your voicemails.

You can also use the Business Portal to configure various voicemail settings which includes enabling voicemails to be sent directly to your email address. This feature can be configured from the Dashboard and Features area of the Business Portal.

Voice Portal (CommPilot)

Your Line rental package includes Voice Portal which allows you to manage some features by simply calling into a dedicated number. Your administrator can provide this telephone number to you.

To log into the Voice Portal, dial the number provided to you and then enter the passcode below:

Passcode: XXXXXX

Unified Voice with Cisco Webex

Your rental package includes the ability to make and receive calls within the app. If you've selected additional features that include video calls, messaging and meetings for collaboration, you'll also benefit from being able to join spaces, share your screen, share files or use a virtual whiteboard with colleagues and so much more.

To set up your application please go to the business portal and log in using the details provided earlier in in the ‘Feature Management Portal’ section. Then follow these simple steps:

1. Click on My Account and make a note of your application username

2. Click on Password to Change and select Application - enter a memorable password as this will be your password for all applications and you’ll need it to set up Cisco Webex

3. Click on the Set up Cisco Webex button and follow the instructions - there will be help information on the screen, which will explain the steps to follow

4. You will now be able to download the app from the business portal, and for mobiles from your mobile app store by searching for ‘Cisco Webex Teams’. When downloaded you'll be prompted to enter your email address, application username and application password again

Your Unified Voice app with Cisco Webex will now be up and running and ready for you to use.

For any further help using the app please click here

User Applications

Your Line rental package may include some applications that enable to you to get more out of your service. To check what applications you have, simply log onto the Business Portal and click the Applications tab. In here you will find a list of applications that can be downloaded, providing you have any in your line package. For instructions on how to use these applications, please contact your administrator.

Applications downloaded from the Business Portal will require you to enter the following credentials:

Username: urnXXXXXX@companyname.activeipbx

Password: Select My Account tab from the Business Portal to set this

Emergency Services Calls

To make 999 or 112 calls from your Phone/s you need to ensure the phone and the router it is connected to is powered and connected to the internet. As back-up, in the event of a power failure or loss of internet connectivity, we recommend that you have access to a mobile phone or standard PSTN line for emergency calls.

Support Desk

If you have any questions or require help then please contact us on 0800 316 8605 or email

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