Setting up Webex Desktop App

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Here are the instructions to set up your new Webex Desktop Softphone application.

Before starting this process, if you have previously been using the Office UC application then please uninstall Office UC from your PC/Laptop as the first step.

Then to download the Webex desktop softphone application click on the link below:

Select Download for Windows 32bit or 64bit depending on your PC/Laptops spec. (most modern computers will be 64bit)

If you have a MAC. In you will need to click on the download options button

You now need to enter the Logon credentials that you have been supplied with.

It is important that the email you enter is NOT your standard Email address but rather the Webex application email address we sent you.

The Webex application email address format is

 We have created a user guide to show how to login and out of call queues which you can find Here  (You will find the actual process very familiar)

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