Call Controls (Hold & Transfer Options)

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Call Controls (Hold & Transfer Options)

During any call, Inbound or Outbound, there are various Hold and Transfer commands available to users from both the Web App or DTMF via their phone keypad

Hold Caller

To place the caller on Hold press **, to retrieve the caller press ** again, you will hear two beeps to confirm the command has been actioned.

The hold facility is disabled once a Call Transfer or Secure Payment process has been started.

Secure Payment

To initiate a Payment via the Virtual Terminal you can either:

  • Log in manually and click the "Proceed to Payment" button.
  • Use the Payment Button on the Softphone to login and initiate the call
  • Press ## to initiate the call from your keypad

The Secure Payment mode can be cancelled by pressing ## from the phone keypad.

Call Transfers

There are three modes available for transferring callers which can be initiated from the Payment Phone User site, or using DTMF *[User ID]

Cold Transfers

This is where the originating user transfers the call to the receiving user without waiting to see if they are available.

It can be performed when the customer is on hold, or still on the line, if the user receiving the call is unavailable then the call is routed to the new users voicemail.

When initiating a Cold Transfer you must wait until you hear two beeps which confirms request has been accepted by the system, three beeps indicates there has been a problem.

Warm Transfers

This is when the originating user ensures that the receiving user is available before handing over the call. To perform a Warm Transfer either using the Payment Phone User site or DTMF:

  • Place the caller on Hold.
  • Select or enter the new User ID, once confirmed you are played two beeps.
  • During the dial process a beep is played every 5 seconds. To cancel the transfer press **
  • Once the receiving user answers the call, the originating user can hang-up to complete the process.
  • To cancel the transfer once the new user has answered the call, press **
Conference Transfers

The process is similar to a warm transfer, but rather than place the caller on Hold, they remain available throughout the transfer enabling a three way conversation.

The controls remain the same, ** enables the originating user to clear the new user call at anytime.

If either user hangs up then the call will continue as standard call with all the same call controls available once more.

Follow Me

If you have made or received a call on one of your devices you can move the caller to another by using #[number]

The [number] is the current dial order your calls are delivered to and can be seen here in the Live Control Page

Summary Commands

Keypad Command



Hold Caller On & Off


Initiate and cancel Secure Payment

*[User ID]

Transfer to Colleague


Follow Me Transfer


Cancel Call Transfer

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