Virtual Terminal Overview

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Used in combination with any of our Live Agent secure pay by phone solutions, the ActivePay Virtual Terminal enables your service representatives to process customer card payments in a secure and compliant manner.

Secure card holder data (long number and CV2 code) is obtained using DTMF (keypad tones). This sensitive data is suppressed from the call and any call recording equipment. It is displayed on the virtual terminal as a string of Xs.

Payments are processed with your payment service provider and merchant. Transaction authorisation details are displayed on screen.

Payment Process

When a call has reached the payment stage, log in to the Virtual Terminal here.

Once a call connects, your agent can proceed to take payment:

Agents can take all non-sensitive card-holder information and continue to speak with customers throughout a call. Once agents are ready to take sensitive card data, they simply initiate the process by clicking the appropriate button. At this point, customers can enter any remaining data (long card number and security code) using their telephone keypads. DTMF suppression is active throughout this part of the payment process so no sensitive data is captured by any call recording equipment. Consequently, there is no issue with your call recording equipment being 'on'.

When all necessary information is collected, the agent submits the payment information:

Once the transaction has completed, agents will see a payment summary. They can then inform the customer of the authorisation code:

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