Put Active iPBX calls on hold and pick up from another extension (Call Park)

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You can ‘park’ a single Active iPBX call while you make and receive calls (or use other features). Then you can pick the call up from any extension on your site.

How do I use Call Park?

How to park a call

  1. Place the call on hold
  2. Dial *68 (the Call Park Feature Code)
  3. Follow the prompt to enter an extension number to park the call against (note; there is a short delay before the prompt is heard)
  4. As soon as you enter the number, the call's parked

If you don't enter an extension number and you hang up immediately after dialling the Feature Access Code, the call is parked against the extension that you're on.

  • While parked, the parked caller hears ‘Music on Hold’ if you've set it up for your site or, if you haven't, they'll hear the silence. When a call is parked against an extension there is no visual indication on the device or toolbar that the call is parked


How to retrieve a parked call

  1. Dial *88 (the Call Park Retrieve Feature Code)
  2. Follow the prompt to enter the extension number where the call is parked
  3. You will then be connected to the parked call
  4. If you are retrieving a parked call from the same extension that it's parked on dial *88#

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