Using the Agent Sign In/Out Feature

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Active iPBX - Agent Sign In/Out Feature

If as part of your Active iPBX Site configuration you have Call Centres (call queues) enabled you may want some or all of your team to be able to Sign In and Out of the call centres and to be able to make themselves temporarily unavailable when breaking for lunch or taking comfort breaks etc.

This feature is a Bolt-On charged monthly on a per user basis. The feature is called ACD, but is more commonly referred to as Agent Sign In/Out.

Below is how we general advise using the feature. Note 'device' means either a Yealink Desk Phone or the Webex Softphone Application.

"The procedure for agents at the end of the shift is to select the 'Signed Out' status on their device. When they next start their shift then change the status to 'Signed In'. By default this will make them 'available' to take calls which they can then change to unavailable if they are not ready to take calls and at lunch time etc"

Note: when using the softphone apps Sign In/Out is called Sign In/Out, however on the Yealink Desk Phones this same feature is referred to as Login/Out. (confusing, we know !!)

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