Call Whispers

Updated by Tech Support

Call Whisper is a short announcement played to the person who answers the call.

The whisper could say something as simple "Business Call" helping someone that has their Virtual Business Phone Number diverted to their mobile to identify work calls from personal calls.

Michelle's Recordings

WH001M – General Enquiry

General Enquiry

WH002M – Training Enquiry

Training Enquiry

WH003M – Accounts 1

Call for Accounts

WH004M – Business

Business Call

WH005M – Sales 1

Sales Enquiry

WH006M – Technical 1

Technical Support

WH007M – Accounts 2

Accounts Enquiry

WH008M – Purchasing

Purchasing Call

WH009M – Sales 2

Sales Call

WH010M – Support 1

Support Call

WH011M – Billing

Billing Enquiry

WH012M – Support 2

Customer Support

WH013M – Business Call

Business Call

WH014M – Direct

Direct Line

WH015M – Marketing

Marketing Enquiry

WH016M – Technical 2

Tech Support Call

Kate's Recordings

WH001K - Accounts

Accounts Enquiry

WH002K - Business

General Business Call

WH003K - Commercial

Commercial Enquiry

WH004K – Retail

Retail Enquiry

 WH005K – Prospect

Prospect Enquiry

WH006K – Website

Website Enquiry

WH007K – Holiday Sales

Holiday Sales Enquiry

WH008K – Inserts

Inserts Enquiry

WH009K – Lodges

Lodges Enquiry

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